Caterina Argyrou handmade jewelry
Copyright All rights reserved Caterina Argyrou I was born in Athens. From my early childhood I had a talent in arts, I was painting sketching and my teachers noticed that talent and encouraged me to follow it.
While at school I attended the classes of painter and professor Mr Vrassidas Vlachopoulos.
After graduating from school, I studied economics at DEREE and obtained a degree at London school of Economics.
I lived in London for many years, where I was mainly creating and painting. I have also attended successfully Saint Martins school and completed courses of Interior architecture.
Upon my return to Greece I worked with the known painter Botis Thalassinos and got experienced in the use of pastel and oil.
I later attended lessons at Center of Literature and Arts (APOPSI) and my professor was the known painter George Rorris.
My work was exhibited in many art exhibitions in Greece and abroad either as a personal exhibitor or as part of a team exhibition. There is a number of my paintings in Greece and abroad to be found in many personal collections.
The last years I am creating jewelry after having attended several schools in England and Greece where I learned all techniques.
All my work is meticulously handcrafted and inspired from ancient Greek jewelry and nature. For my creations I am mainly using silver and gold but also other precious metals in combination with precious stones.